Rapper Ditch is a Hip Hop recording artist from Los Angeles/Orange County, CA best known to music fans for his song “Smack Dat A**” with Shock G and the song “All Comes Down To Money” featuring Chali 2na from Jurassic 5. Ditch (hip hop artist, musician) has worked for 13 years in music. He began in 1999 with a rock band called Trip-Wire and quickly departed from them to design his own style and sound. In 2002 Ditch graduated from Chapman University in Orange, CA only to pursue his dream in music. In 2005 Ditch released his first album “D.i.t.c.h”. In 2007 Ditch recorded original tracks in studio with Shock G, Eek-a-Mouse, Hot Dollar, Cashis, Bishop Don Juan, Dog boy and Chali 2na from Jurassic 5, for his album, “Public Intoxication”. Although a distribution deal for the album was shopped, the album eventually found a home for a 2009 release on I Tunes. In 2010 Ditch continued to work on new music for a new full length album which was third. Ditch also continued to keep releasing new music on his own via a mix tape series. He released 2 mix tapes in 2009 “Never Gonna Stop”and “Clout”. Ditch enlisted celebrity guests Dirt Nasty, Omar Cruz, Beardo and Willy Northpole for “Never Gonna Stop” Ditch is CEO and 50% owner of Lethal Tender Music a company set up to manage and own all of the right to his music. Ditch owns the rights to all of his songs and does not accept third party ownership on any of his songs. Ditch is an official BMI licensed Musician. In 2009 Ditch Played the 35th annual Players Ball and Pimp Awards held each year by Bishop Don Magic Juan. Ditch was personally selected by Bishop to perform after knowing Bishop since 2004 and recording with him in 2007.
In July of 2010 Ditch performed for over 4,000 people at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino Pool concert venue with the band Mystic Roots. Also in 2010 Ditch performed over 33 shows for breast cancer awareness events with David Harrison Levi. The breast cancer awareness Ditch tour saw Ditch performing at such places as: The Highlands Hollywood, Falcon Hollywood, Aqua Lounge, Gonpachi Beverly Hills, and many other locations in the Hollywood area. Ditch started 2011 opening on shows for Kurupt, Yelawolf, 40 Glocc, Suga Free and others.
2011 proved to be a very successful year for Ditch. He started holding his own concert events for up and coming artists to gain exposure. He headlined the 2011 2 day Million Marijuana march Los Angeles which he also executive produced bringing out such friends as RBX, 40 Glocc, Ras Kass and Mac Lucci to name a few. He released a new CD called “Self Made, Self Paid” on I Tunes, has launched an artist development and marketing branch of his company Lethal Tender Music, and graced the cover of both Hollywood Music Magazine and Homegrown Magazine. In the Summer of 2012 alone Ditch performed on Playground Festival (Big Sean, Yg, Nick Cannon, Panic at The Disco, Cisco Adler, Mickey Avalon,), Sacramento Hempfest (where he opened for Warren G, and Flesh N Bone of Bone Thugs and Harmony), A show in Texas as the only opener for Ice T and Coco, opening for Suga Free in Santa Ana, CA. He performed at House Of Blues Hollywood yet again making it twice it 2011 alone. He attended the 2011 Bet Hip Hop Awards in Atlanta Georgia. He Performed at the 2011 Idj Awards at the Monte Carlo Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. He performed at many mansion parties, and opened for Layzie Bone of Bone Thugs and Harmony on November 10th 2011. A spot performance in Memphis, TN at Bishop Don Magic Juans Memphis Players Ball and performed at famous bodybuilder Lauren Powers private birthday party. In December 2011 Ditch did a toy giveaway for the homeless children and women of the Path Gramercy shelter in Los Angeles, CA. 2012 Began with a bang for Ditch, performing New Years Eve at Hollywoods hottest nightclub The Colony, an event which also had celebrity guests Playboy models The Shannon Twins and music by Steve Castro and Sex Panther.
In January 2012 Ditch headlined 3 shows in Park City and Salt Lake City, Utah for the Orion Music Festival 2012. He has also began recording acapella rap sessions on his home studio webcam and releasing them to the public welcoming comments and criticism. He then performed at “Ditch Day” at Mountain High Ski Resort in Wrightwood, CA, held his own 2012 party and performed at the California Sound Nokturnal Car Show. In the Spring of 2012 Ditch performed yet again with Suga Free, attended E40’s private cd release party and performed with Warren G/Bishop Don Magic Juan in Orange County. He then performed at the “Peace In The Streets” Festival at Sam Ash Music, At Eva Longoria’s restaurant Beso, and joined reggae band Common Sense for an annual Autism Speaks concert. In July 2012 Ditch was a talent guest at the Playboy Mansion for the 2012 Fifth Bridge Espy Awards launch party. In late July 2012 Ditch performed with WC from Westside Connection at The Venetian in Anaheim, California. On September 9th 2012 Ditch performed at the famous Beverly Hilton ( host of The Golden Globes Awards, and Clive Davis’s Grammy party each year) for Global Independence day. He performed for foreign dignitaries, Mayor Villaraigosa of Los Angeles, Prince Von Anhalt and various other celebrities and royalty. In addition to Ditch releasing his own albums, he also has recently released “Ditch’s Underground Gold Volume I” Cd which features guests; Bishop Don Juan, Kanabliss featuring Crooked I, and Cashis as well as many up and coming artists. He released this album on I Tunes. Ditch performed for over 3000 people in Montecillo, New York at the 16th annual Ny Harvest Festival held by Damn Sam. He also attended the 2012 Players Ball in Hollywood. Ditch recently returned to the production company behind his 2005 cd to record a new mixtape (Mansion Of Mayhem). He is slowly releasing songs from the upcoming “Return To The Mansion Of Mayhem” mixtape on Soundcloud. In October 2012 Ditch performed for over 4,000 people at the 16th annual Ny Harvest Festival in Montecillo, NY. He gained massive attention by a parade of giveaways from Trend Settah Inc (Splitarillos, Hood Wraps, Swag Phones, etc). In late 2012 Ditch performed at Riverside Motorsports Speedway opening for Voodoo Glow Skulls, attended Hugh Hefner’s Halloween Party at the Playboy Mansion, performed a show with Cashis in Orange County, and performed at several holiday parties.
Ditch began 2013 with a bang, performing with Strap at House Of Blues Anaheim where their show was synced with video screens showcasing their music videos and other animation. Ditch and strap also performed at The Roxy in Hollywood for a packed house. In February Ditch performed at Hempcon at NOS Events Center for a few thousand people. He has been a featured guest on friend Bishop Don Magic Juan’s radio show a few times in 2013 and performed with Bishop, Lil G and more at Sal’s on Melrose, while working on new music. Ditch attended the BET Awards party after and was featured in many interviews on the red carpet. Ditch was mentioned on CNN i report speaking about him at the party in which Nick Cannon, Dj Drama, Chris Brown and others were in attendance. Ditch performed at the 2013 Bay Area Hempfest in San Francisco, ca. He then held his 3rd annual SUMMERFEST concert, performed again in San Francisco at the Intche Festival, and the Kush Harvest fest in Los Angeles, with WC, Tha Alkoholiks, Rappin 4Tay and the Intercepterz. Ditch performed at the 2013 Players Toast Awards with Rappin 4Tay, Bishop Don Juan, Debbie The Glass Lady, and more. Ditch co headlined the Seattle Hempfest performing for over 110,000 people. He was a guest on The Bishop,Don Juan Radio when Snoop Dogg the the celebrity guest, attended an Emmy Awards gift suite which led to him having his own Ice Cream flavor by Sub Zero Ice Cream, and more.
(www.soundcloud.com/ditchmusic). Ditch’s official website is www.lethaltendermusic.com. Ditch has performed over 600 shows in his career as an independent artist. He repeatedly turns down deals from major labels, valuing his rights to his 6 cd catalog, and other past musical pieces. Ditch currently owns his own label Lethal Tender Music which manages everything from his PR to his rights, to show bookings. Ditch also release’s web episodes called “Tour Diary” on his You Tube which has over 775,000 views. Written by Ingrid Seiver and Angie Wright. Copyright September 10th 2012

Partial Album History:
O2BNLA: (2013)
Coming in Early 2013, Ditch’s long awaited 6th full length cd will feature the newest music from Ditch.
Ditch’s 2011 full length cd release is available for your I Phone, I Tunes, I Pad and more. A full length CD with over 10 new songs, Unreleased songs ranging from 2001- 2011, and more. Buy the Self Made, Self Paid bonus edition only on I Tunes. (Normal version available for free download on this site). Songs like; “Right In The Middle Of The Club’, “Hats To The Side” expose a more angst side of Ditch’s music. While songs such as; “Unsewn (2001), and “Ride Into The Night” show a more mellow side to Ditch.
D.I.T.C.H (2005)
Ditch’s first debut solo full length album from 2005. Features collaborations from Strap (Mansion Of Mayhem) and more. This cd features songs such as “F**k A Hater”, “Crunked Up In So Cal”, “Ditch up in this”, and more. This CD is currently OUT OF PRINT but will be released on this site for free download in March 2013.
This Full length Ditch cd was recorded and produced by Bruce Fecteau (Pato Banton, Studio B). It features original and in studio recordings of Ditch with: Shock G, Chali 2NA, Bishop Don Magic Juan, Hot Dollar, Cashis, DogBoy (Too Rude), Andrew Bryniarski (The Program, Texas Chainsaw Massacre). This CD is available ONLY on I Tunes for 9.99$.
Ditch Return TO THE MANSION OF MAYHEM (2013)
This free mixtape will be released in January or February 2013. It features original songs by Ditch, Strap, Young Paul, Jay One and more. Some songs can be heard here until the release: www.soundcloud.com/ditchmusic . The Cd is Ditch’s musical return to Mansion Of Mayhem Studios since first recording his debut CD there in 2005. This also marks the first time Ditch and Strap have recorded together since 2006.
Ditch Underground Gold VOlume I (2012)
This artist compilation CD is available exclusively on I Tunes until July 2013 (free download on this site August 2013). It features Ditch and Bishop Don Magic Juan, Kanabliss feat: Crooked I, Dj Tone G, Bobby B.Blunt, Loot Smith, T Dirty, Kriminal, and more.
Ditch Underground Gold Volume II (2013)
This artist compilation CD will be available on I Tunes in Early 2013. The CD features: Ditch, Shock G, Chali 2na, Rob G feat; Chamillionaire, Kriminal, and more.
Ditch Underground Gold Volume III (2013)
This 3rd installment of Ditch/Lethal Tender Music compilation Cd’s will feature: Ditch, Hot Dollar, Dj Tone G, and many more. Look for it Fall of 2013.