New Single from “O2BNLA” Ditch and Strap “Bills”

This free mixtape will be released in January or February 2013. It features original songs by Ditch, Strap, Young Paul, Jay One and more. Some songs can be heard here until the release: www.soundcloud.com/ditchmusic . The Cd is Ditch’s musical return to Mansion Of Mayhem Studios since first recording his debut CD there in 2005. This also marks the first time Ditch and Strap have recorded together since 2006.


January 2011

Click here to download a free copy of DITCH'S latest mixtape Self Made Self Paid
Ditch’s 2011 full length cd release is available for your I Phone, I Tunes, I Pad and more. A full length CD with over 10 new songs, Unreleased songs ranging from 2001- 2011, and more. Buy the Self Made, Self Paid bonus edition only on I Tunes. (Normal version available for free download on this site). Songs like; “Right In The Middle Of The Club’, “Hats To The Side” expose a more angst side of Ditch’s music. While songs such as; “Unsewn (2001), and “Ride Into The Night” show a more mellow side to Ditch.

CLOUT (2009)
A cheaply recorded Ditch CD of all original music. Ditch decided rather than scrap the project after it was finished and didn’t meet his standards, to release it so fans can add it to their collection. The only song ever to be performed live from this CD is “We Getting Money B***h”. Download it here FREE now by clicking the photo.

Never Gonna Stop Mixtape (2009)
Ditch recorded the original songs “Jump Up” and “Stuntin In My Car”( which Ditch received artist praise from Glasses Malone) for this cd which was set to be an EP. Ditch suddenly wanted to record a version of “Swagger Like Us” called “Swagger Like Ditch”. That and the title track “Never Gonna Stop” couldn’t be cleared to use on an EP, so Ditch released this 7 track CD as a mixtape for free. Click on The above image to download the mixtape FREE. The mixtape features: DIRT NASTY, WILLY NORTHPOLE, BEARDO, and other guests.

D.I.T.C.H (2005)
Ditch’s first debut solo full length album from 2005. Features collaborations from Strap (Mansion Of Mayhem) and more. This cd features songs such as “F**k A Hater”, “Crunked Up In So Cal”, “Ditch up in this”, and more. This CD was shelved in 2007 as Ditch got tired of performing the songs live, and realized his growth since the CD. This is this first time (December 2012) that the CD has been heard or available since its successful underground release in 2005 selling over 33,000 independent copies.